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5 High-Tech Capabilities of Today's Smart Rear View Mirrors

Rear view mirrors have been an automotive fixture for so long that we've become accustomed to a lack of progress. For decades, very little changed as far as form and function were concerned. Nowadays, rear view mirrors are getting a much-needed refresh via next-generation technology. Here are just five impressive capabilities of today's modern custom rear view mirrors.

Blind Spot Detection

Regardless of a driver's skills, keeping an eye on blind spots is always tricky. Fortunately, an array of blind zone monitoring technologies come standard with many custom side or rear view Gentex mirror models. With curved panes and indicator lights now readily available, there's no reason to let blind spot threats go unnoticed.

Backup Camera Integration

If a low-level obstruction happens to be directly behind a vehicle when backing up, there's no way to see it for sure unless you get out and check. As such, backup cameras are all the rage these days with safety-conscious commuters. The latest rear view mirrors can display backup camera feeds in real time.

Light-Sensitive Dimming

Keeping rear view mirror glare to a minimum should be a safety priority for careful drivers. Quite a few current Gentex mirror units are capable of automatically adjusting to ambient light and headlights from the rear at night. Auto-dimming mirrors have been proven to reduce nighttime automobile accidents in a variety of scenarios.

Digital Alerts Display

The ability to view alerts displayed by the main dashboard instrumentation has been de rigueur for years. Unfortunately, even a momentary glance at the speedometer area can take one's eyes off the road for a moment too long. Displaying alerts and information on the rear or side view mirrors allows drivers to maintain focus.

Remote Device Control

Arguably the most impressive feature of many custom rear view mirrors is the ability to control hardware like gates, garage doors and security systems. By integrating with a remote control system like HomeLink, the latest rear view mirrors provide an added level of convenience and speed for road-weary drivers that are just arriving at their homes.

The Future is Here

After years of stagnation, automotive mirror technology has experienced a true renaissance. Today's advanced Gentex mirror models prove that designers and engineers are making up for lost time with a vengeance. Whatever you're looking for in a rear view mirror, there's likely a model out there that meets your needs.