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Fight Old Man Winter with Car Seat Heaters

No one likes to get into a cold war in winter months when the temperatures outside are well below freezing. What can make that feeling even worse are those oh-so-comfortable, supple leather seats that seem to intensify the cold as soon as you sit down. Installing car seat heaters takes care of that problem, making your body feel comfortable and toasty within a matter of minutes.

Once only the province of high-end luxury vehicles, car seat heaters have found their way into vehicle models from virtually every manufacturer. However, even vehicles that currently do not have seat warmers may have them added to the interior. Car manufacturers usually install in-seat warmers located in the interior of the seats and cannot be easily removed. These are powered by the vehicle's battery. External heaters sit on top of existing seats and are essentially seat covers with internal heating elements that can be removed at any time. These are usually powered by hand controllers and the vehicle's 12-volt electrical outlet.

If your vehicle is not already equipped with car seat heaters, choosing one is a matter of personal preference and comfort. External heaters will affect cushioning and comfort of your current seats because a layer of material will be added between passengers and the seat itself. Other considerations include how much money you want to spend and how often you will use the device.

When choosing external car seat warmers, make sure the unit secures tightly to the existing seat so that it will not shirt during usage. Hand controls should allow for a variety of warmth levels and have the ability to turn the device on or off quickly. Inclusion of an automatic shut-off feature to prevent accidental overheating is essential.

If you are skilled with basic hand tools and familiar with vehicle electrical systems, you can install aftermarket car seat heaters . A variety of easy installation kits are on the market. Make sure you turn off the vehicle's battery before starting. All necessary electrical wiring and fasteners that secure the heating elements and pads to seats should be included. Make sure the kit has pads that are large enough to cover most of the existing seats to ensure sufficient, even heating.