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Top High-Tech Safety Enhancements for Your Personal Vehicle

Dash-Mounted Camera

Like it or not, we live in a highly litigious world where traffic accident lawsuits occur with alarming frequency. Using a dash-mounted camera as part of a wired backup camera system can be an invaluable tool that allows you to back up your side of the story when automotive collisions occur. There are literally dozens of excellent models available on the market that can store many hours of footage.

Blind Spot Detector

No matter how careful you are behind the wheel, you can't keep your eyes on your blind spots at all times. The longer you drive, the more likely you are to make a fatal blind spot mistake. A decent blind spot detector can cost a few hundred bucks but potentially save you thousands.

Wired Backup Camera System

Even if your rear-view mirror looks clear when you're backing up, there could be low-level obstacles that are still in the line of fire. A wired backup camera system is quickly becoming one of the most popular after-market add-ons for car owners of all stripes thanks to its ability to detect unseen dangers.

Auto-Dimming Mirrors

If you spend a lot of time driving at night, glare in the rear and side-view mirrors from following cars can be a major annoyance. Auto-dimming mirrors greatly alleviate this problem, reducing the likelihood of accidents and making your night-time drives more enjoyable. Responsive auto-dimming mirrors are surprisingly affordable and also easy to install.

Heads Up Display

Though it may feel like overkill, a heads up display is an excellent safety feature that improves driver attentiveness. More and more new cars offer a HUD as a standard feature nowadays. By projecting important information like speed and RPMs directly on the windshield, HUDs allow drivers to pay closer attention to the road.

The Right Car Tech for You

The nice thing about the latest automotive safety tech products is that they're modular and can be installed as you see fit. Whether you're partial to a simple wired backup camera system or a full-blown HUD, any of these gadgets can make your personal vehicle safer and easier to drive.